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A Kaddish for Bernie Madoff

Live Virtual Conversation with Alicia J Rose, Director, Alica Rabins (writer/star) and Producer Lara Cuddy

Moderated by Ginger Gentile from the Jewish Film Project
Live Event is Sunday May 30, 2021 at 3PM

The film…may be about the financial crisis of 2008, but its images and themes couldn’t feel more current.
-Chloe Sarbib, Alma

In Conjunction with JxJ Washington Jewish Film Festival and the FJMC Jewish Film Affinity Group

An artistic excommunication set in 2008, A Kaddish For Bernie Madoff is a mystical meta-musical about the greatest financial fraud in history. A hybrid of musical memoir and narrative fantasy, the film tells the story of Madoff and the system that allowed him to function for decades through the eyes of musician/poet Alicia Jo Rabins, who watches the financial crash from her 9th floor studio in an abandoned office building on Wall Street. Fueled by her growing obsession, real-life interviews transform into music videos, ancient spiritual texts become fevered fantasies of synchronized swimming, and a vivid, vulnerable work of art is born from the unique perspective of an artist watching the global financial collapse up close.

The film project grew out of a theater show which had its first touring performance at the Washington Jewish Music Festival in 2013.

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Directed by Ron Small

The Jewish Film Project

In conjunction with The Holocaust Education Film Foundation

A Conversation with Ron Small on Yom HaShoah April 8, 2021, at 8PM EST

From The Holocaust To Hollywood The Robert Clary Story – Plot synopsis

With all his success, the tattoo on his arm, number A5714, is a daily reminder of what he lost and, interestingly, what he also gained. It began with a close-knit loving family followed by the horrors of war, genocide, two years in forced labor camps, and three concentration camps, but the result was not only liberation but an ultimate victory over the enemy. Born in Paris, France (1926) Robert Clary is the youngest of 14 children; raised by adoring parents who supported his artistic desires. At the age of 12, he began a career singing professionally on the radio and he lived a most wonderful life–until 1942 when he was taken by the Nazis, thus beginning an odyssey of horror that would forever haunt him. Clary was ultimately liberated from Buchenwald on April 11, 1945. He overcame unimaginable obstacles to become a beloved entertainer on television, in the movies and on Broadway, but perhaps he is best known as the iconic Corporal Louis LeBeau on Hogan’s Heroes.

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